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What is a NSF GMP Certified Plant?

What does NSF certified mean?

NSF means National Safety Foundation (Now called NSF International). The NSF is a non-profit, non-governmental group that develops standards as well as certifies and educates the general public about health and safety.

Supplements with the NSF mark, have been tested for safety from contaminants and are regulated for manufacturing consistency and accuracy. This is an ongoing process which means that you get the same high quality in every product with a NSF mark.

What does GMP certified mean?

GMP means Good Manufacturing Practices and is a mark that can commonly be found alongside of NSF certifications. This is a term that is used around the world and signifies that product has been tested for quality control. GMP also regulates the equipment used to create each product and requires that all methods of operation, which includes: cleaning, testing and manufacturing, have been validated to perform their specific function.

In short GMP and NSF certifications mean that you are getting a safe and consistent product each time that you buy it. With ongoing NSF and GMP processes, the same high standard is applied to the product whether you purchase today or three years later. It will always be the same product manufactured with the same high standards.