One of the main supplements people get when taking our L-Arginine supplement, Arginine Infusion, is Vitamin D.


Vitamin D is actually a group of fat-soluble prohomones that helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous. Vitamin D is mostly famous for being the sun’s vitamin, as sunlight promotes vitamin D synthesis in the skin and body. According to Medical News Today: “The recommended daily dose from the sun would require at least 30 minutes of adequate exposure to direct sunlight two or three times a week at peak hours, between noon and 3 p.m.”


People who are exposed to normal amounts of sunlight reap the benefits of Vitamin D. But more can be better too.


Our supplement has a serving of 2,500 IU, which is 625 percent of the daily value.


With that amount of vitamin D, who even needs the sun? Kidding aside, here are some benefits your body receives from taking Vitamin D.


Bone Health – Since vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, it helps out in maintaining healthy and strong bones. Calcium has long been known for providing strength to bones, vitamin D is like the behind the scenes guy who makes it happen.


Maintain healthy immune system – If you are someone who claims to be sick all the time, you may not be getting enough vitamin D. Vitamin D is an immune system regulator and there have been studies showing it can help defend against simple colds, flus and infections.


Maintaining a healthy weight – In a study from the Medical College of Georgia, 650-plus teens from 14-19 found that those who had a higher vitamin D intake also had lower body fat. Does this mean they were just more active in the sun, it could. But for those who work in an office throughout the day, may not be getting enough vitamin D.


Preventing autism – Vitamin D and autism have some similar linkage. Children born in areas with less sun, and those born in the winter are more likely to develop autism. The consumption of vitamin D during pregnancy has been shown to reduce symptoms of autism in the child.


Arginine Infusion loves vitamin D and understands its benefits. You should too.


See the infographic below provided by Healthspan - Nutrition Expert


Post by RT Rand