According to Dr. Joe Prendergast, L-arginine supplements are beneficial for cancer patients because they help promote the flow of oxygen to all areas of the body, specifically the suffering tissues that need it the most. More air to oxygen-deprived areas is a threat to cancer cells because it makes it difficult for them to survive. Cancer thrives when acid levels are high and oxygen levels are low, and L-arginine can combat that. 


Originally stated in an article from The LA Times, Jimmy Keller was on trial for this very theory. Keller injected patients with Tumorex, which is chemically similar to L-Arginine. These amino acids would cause heat and tingling sensations in patients tumors. Within weeks, days, and even hours, patients noted that their tumors were softening and shrinking; some tumors completely disappeared.


In The LA Times article from 1991, they mentioned how visitors and other doctors stood at Keller’s side to back up his theory. Dr. George Eisenberg recalls a particular event while testifying at Keller's trial. A doctor from Albuquerque, Eisenberg brought a patient to Keller's clinic. This patient could not walk nor swallow. When Keller gave the treatment, the patient’s pain was almost completely eradicated. He even had a lobster dinner that night! A team at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center stated that boosting levels of oxygen and nitric oxide help direct swarms of cancer fighting cells to the tumors. L-Arginine and Tumorex are amazing weapons in the battle against cancer.


Dr. David Steenblock, an El Toro osteopath, testified that he saw dozens of patients with metastasized cancer make the trip to Keller's clinic--and when they came back, no cancer was visible on the bone scan. "He has a lot more success with cancer patients than I have," Steenblock said.”


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