Angina is one of those words you hear every so often, but you may not know what it actually is. Angina is a fancy word for chest pain. When blood flow is restricted to a person’s heart, especially during times of stress, people—typically men—may feel pressure or tightness in their chest that goes away after their stressful activity. This could indicate angina. Also, angina is generally associated with hardening of one’s arteries.

Basically, angina occurs because the heart is not getting the proper blood flow, and, more specifically, it’s not getting the needed oxygen delivered from the coronary arteries.

To find out if you have angina, ask your doctor for an electrocardiogram or stress test.

Adjusting your diet, exercising more, cutting out habits like smoking, and taking certain supplements can all help improve the blood flow to the heart, thus reducing angina.


One particular supplement that can help those with angina is arginine.


Arginine (or l-arginine as it is also known) is an amino acid studied by researchers and found to aid in blood flow. People with angina should consider utilizing Sante Global’s Arginine Infusion product in order to make sure their body has a good supply of arginine. It comes in a powder form with a berry flavor. You mix it with water and drink it.


Arginine helps create a constant flow of nitric oxide in your blood, restoring healthy oxygen levels where needed so you’re able to function better in life, especially during times of stress or exercise.

Angina means your heart isn’t getting the blood flow and oxygen it needs. Arginine is something that helps change that situation for the better.