The health benefits of L-Arginine are no surprise, especially given the supplement's recent popularity we're reading and hearing about in news outlets, online medical articles and on health talk shows like Dr. Oz.


Dr. Mehmet Oz is a leading cardiologist and heart surgeon who knows the benefits of a healthy lifestyle complete with proper nutrition and exercise. As an advocate of L-Arginine, an amino acid that helps the body get rid of wastes and helps synthesize proteins, Dr. Oz credits the supplement to belly fat reduction on a past episode.


November 7th's show topic was centered on the negative effects belly fat has on the body, particularly when it comes to being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Dr. Oz explained the benefits certain products provide to combat belly bulge. For instance, acacia powder has a lot of fiber and good prebiotics that help to slim down the waist.


However, more importantly, he mentions L-Arginine's powerful (and natural) effect on "burning fat while building muscle, thereby enhancing your metabolism." As a nutritional supplement, L-Arginine has lived up to its expectations as a healthy addition to our diets in order to be in the best health possible.


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