Lots of women put the blame on themselves when they cannot become pregnant. But it takes two to tango, and both men and women have to do their part when trying to become impregnated.


L-Arginine and SpermIt’s easy to place blame on the women if she can’t become pregnant because the male knows, or at least thinks, he’s doing his part in all of this when he’s trying to plant the seed. But just because he does his job, does it mean his little swimmers are doing their part?


How can one tell?


You can make the argument that sperm count and sperm mobility are of the utmost important when it comes to trying to have a child. After all, it’s the sperm that’s actually planting the seed.


This is where L-Arginine comes in.


Along with its other many benefits, L-Arginine has been proven to increase sperm count and mobility. In a University of Michigan study dating back to 1985, of the 178 men who took four grams of Arginine daily, more than half saw “significant improvement” in sperm count and over a quarter saw “moderate improvement.” The more sperm, the better the odds.


When it comes to mobility, obviously having ones that are high in energy and pretty good swimmers helps out too. Nitric oxide has been proven to increase the sperm’s vivacity, which is pretty useful during the fertilization process.  Also, in another study called “Biophysical Journal” in Sept. 1998, it was realized that glycol is good source of energy for the swimmers. Glycol also helps aid in the development in adenosine triphosphate, an article on l-arginineguide.com said. This has been known to help sperm “wag its tail” (flagella) so to speak, to help propel it forward.


Taking L-Arginine supplement Arginine Infusion helps the fertility process amongst men.


So while many women think their bodies just can’t take, it might be because the sperm never reaches the egg. Taking L-Arginine may rule out this hypothesis.