Hemorrhoids are a painful experience that people are too often embarrassed to discuss.  They make bowel movements a living hell, and worst of all, they often reoccur in people that suffer from the condition.


Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent the painful experience from occurring again.  Let’s take a look at some of the preventative measures you can take.  


- Ensure you eat a healthy diet, and more specifically, ensure you are avoiding foods and behaviors that could lead to constipation.  Try to eat fruits and veggies each and every day, and try to incorporate foods that are high in fiber into your daily diet.

- Drink a ton of water and other fluids.

- Routinely exercise.

- Avoid rushing or overstraining a bowel movement.

- Try to use the restroom as soon as you have to go.

- Do not sit on the toilet for an extended period of time, unless it’s necessary.

- Try not hold your breath while lifting heavy items, or during a bowel movement.

- Try to develop a routine where you are taking bowel movements at or around the same time each day.


In addition to these aforementioned suggestions, it is also prudent to take Sante Global’s L-Arginine supplement.  Our supplement has a wide variety of usages and benefits, including evidence that it can help prevent hemorrhoids.  Specifically, our supplement relaxes the hypertonic sphincter muscles, which helps users avoid the agonizing experience of hemorrhoids.


If you are unfortunately suffering from hemorrhoids, please remember the supplement can also help you heal from the condition.


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