We know all of L-Arginine’s heart benefits. A healthy heart means for a healthy body. It even calls for a healthy brain.


Recently a report came out of Australia revealing that high blood pressure – specifically in the arteries that supply the head and neck -- could be linked to declining cognitive abilities, as said in an article published on LiveScience.

Healthy brain, healthy heart


The study showed that people who had high blood pressure in the aorta and the carotid arteries in the neck, two of the largest and most vital arteries in the body, “performed worse on tests of visual processing and slower thinking and poorer recognition abilities,” the LiveScience article said.


Blood pressure is typically taken from the arm. But the central arteries could be a better way to assess cognitive abilities, said Matthew Pase, who helped research the study. It has been known that high blood pressure in the brachial arteries, which are the arteries in your arm where blood pressure is taken from, has been linked to bad performance on visual processing test, but high blood pressure in the central arteries has shown worse performances on visual processing, recognition, processing and speed tests.


"This suggests central blood pressure is a more sensitive predictor of cognitive aging," Pase told LiveScience.


When people get older, the central arteries stiffen, which allows plaque to build, there for distributing “high blood pressure blood” to the brain.


The study was conducted on 493 Australians between 20 and 82.


So where does L-Arginine come in? Well L-Arginine has been proven to lower blood pressure as it makes arteries more elastic and flexible. This allows blood to flow more freely. By more blood blowing more liberally throughout the body it can help your brain out too as it needs fresh oxygen to perform up to its potential.


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Post by RT Rand