Remember when Louisville’s Kevin Ware broke his leg on Easter on national television? Gross stuff right?


Ware was simply jumping toward the sideline, trying to block a shot, when he came down slightly awkwardly on his right foot, snapping his tibia that pierced through his skin.


How could a healthy, athletic, young adult break a bone like that on a play basketball players make probably thousands of time throughout the year?


One of the problems could’ve been bone density, something our L-Arginine supplement has been shown to be beneficial for bones.


According to multiple studies, L-Arginine and Nitric Oxide help preserve bone density, which may have been a cause for Ware’s graphic and serious injury. In fact, a 2009 study on rats showed L-Arginine supplementation normalizes bone turnover and preserves bone mass. Not only can Arginine Infusion be used to prevent bone injury but also help bones heal after injury.


It makes sense too. Arginine Infusion has large dosages of Vitamin D and strong amount of Magnesium in every serving. These to vitamins and minerals have been shown to promote healthy bones, including Vitamin D, as shown in one of our previous blog posts – Vitamin D benefits.


Healthy bones are important to a healthy life. They’re our structure of our body, don’t let them crumble.


Post by RT Rand