If you love your hair, grow and repair it with L- Arginine


Sun, fad dieting, heat, and chemical treatments can take their toll on your hair after a while, so promoting hair health is crucial, especially if hair loss is in your genetics. You can't stop or cure baldness, but you can prolong and treat it. By following a vitamin rich diet and consuming L-arginine supplements, you can restore a healthy body and luster to your natural hair. While nothing has proven to make hair actually grow faster, it promotes all the vitamins your body needs to grow healthy hair, as quickly as it can.

L- Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid, helping build protein. Used for a variety of reasons, L-Arginine is a great supplement for overall health. L-Arginine manufactures nitric oxide, increasing its levels in the body, ultimately promoting hair health and growth.

L-arginine supplements are a great way to promote hair growth, but you can also get this amino acid from foods, and L-arginine topical products, like creams. Once you get set up on a routine of using L-arginine to improve hair health, you’ll want to take exceptional care of your locks, to keep them as long as possible. (pun intended).

Common Myths about Hair Loss

  • Overexposure to Sun Causes Hair Loss

Plausible(in a sense):  Not directly. However, overexposure to UV rays can speed aging, which involves hair loss. So, in a sense, it actually can lead to hair loss.

  • Removing One Gray Hair Causes Two to Grow

FALSE: No, but if your hair is turning gray from aging, it may grow back thin, and gray. It’s better to use a minimally abrasive gray coverage treatment.

  • Shampooing Makes You Lose Hair

FALSE: No, it only removes hair that has already fallen out from the root; shampooing doesn’t remove the hair from the root. Cheap shampoos can cause the hair to break, so talk to a stylist about a product that is right for you.

  • Hats Cause Hair Loss

FALSE: No, this is an old myth. Tight hats, just like hair ties and braids, can cause breakage, but the follicle doesn’t need to breathe.

  • Shedding Means You’re Balding

FALSE: It could simply be damaged hair from chemical treatments and heat.

  • Heat Causes Baldness

FALSE: It doesn’t damage production in the root, but it does damage the rest of the follicle. It may not cause baldness, but it’s a good idea to keep the heat styling to a minimum.