The second most abundant vitamin in our L-Arginine supplement, in terms of daily percent value, is Vitamin K.


This vitamin can oftentimes be overlooked compared to other vitamins, but it’s especially important for the health of many important functions in our body. It’s actually one of the reason our supplement works so well -- the special benefits Vitamin K offers.


Let’s take a look.


Bone Health – A few posts ago we mentioned how important Arginine Infusion played in bone density and keeping bones healthy. Well Vitamin K also plays a big role in that too. Vitamin K helps preserve the minerals in the bones so other bodily functions can’t take these bone minerals to use them for something else. This makes the bones week. Vitamin K blocks hese functions to keep bones strong.


Brain Function – Also recently, we talked about how L-Arginine helps keep the brain healthy, Vitamin K helps with that. According to research, the outside of a nerve has a protective shell called a myelin sheath. This myelin sheath needs a fat called shingolipids to function. Vitamin K keeps this fat healthy by providing the proper synthesis for it. As we all know, a healthy nervous system makes for a healthy brain.


Skin Healing Properties – Vitamin K has been shown to help platelets to their job. Vitamin K performs a process called carboxylation, which lets blood from an open wound kind of stick to the surrounding tissue to help clot the open wound. When simple cuts bleed a lot, it could be a sign that there’s not enough Vitamin K in people’s system.

Post by RT Rand