Every day, you’re bombarded by nutritional advice, with people telling you what you should and should not eat to feel better and live longer. So why should you care so much about Arginine? Why are so many people talking about Arginine’s benefits and searching for ways to increase their intake?


Some people wonder how an increase in arginine can be so effective when they’ve never even heard of it. But the truth is, your body has been using Arginine all along to keep itself in tiptop shape. It is, after all, a naturally occurring amino acid.


Arginine serves many purposes for the body. It helps to manage weight as an important catalyst in converting protein to muscle. This helps to eliminate body fat, keeping your body trim and strong.


It also helps in the creation of nitric oxide, which helps to relax blood vessels. Relaxed blood vessels leads to increased blood flow, which can improve overall organ function. This is why Arginine is often used to improve sexual function, especially in men.


In addition to increasing blood flow and converting protein to muscle, Arginine is also believed to have positive effects on the immune system. Researchers believe it helps the Thymus gland produce T-cells, which are the lead attackers in the fight against disease, helping the body to heal and protect itself.


Now you know the role Arginine plays in the body, but how can you know if your body isn’t getting enough of it? Slow healing wounds, rashes, and hair loss are a few conditions that might be a result of an Arginine deficiency.


Many people can benefit from a boost in Arginine, and our Arginine Infusion supplement is a great way to get Arginine into the body quickly, safely, and effectively. Why allow your body to perform worse than it’s capable?