Arginine is a versatile and vital non-essential amino acid in the body, and one that has become increasingly popular to bodybuilders and medical practitioners in recent years. A naturally occurring building block of the body, arginine is useful and necessary in many of the body’s regular functions, and has even shown signs of influencing the speed of wound healing and as an alternative treatment for certain medical conditions.


Building muscles


One of arginine’s benefits is the retention of nitrogen, which is key to helping build muscles in the body. According to, arginine has been found to be one of the key amino acids in early childhood, helping newborns grow and develop. That same benefit, though, has been just as helpful for those looking to improve and build their own muscle mass as adults.


Increased immune effectiveness


Another benefit of arginine has been seen in reduced healing times. According to the synopsis of arginine in the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database on the National Institutes of Health’s MedlinePlus service, increased intake of arginine following a surgery has shown reduced infection risk and improved recovery of the surgical wound. also cites arginine’s affect on the thymus gland, which can improve the T-cell count in the body.


Improved sexuality


Arginine has also been shown in studies to have an impact on treating erectile dysfunction. According to the MedlinePlus synopsis, 5 grams taken daily has seemed to show improvement in men with ED. also points to additional studies that show improved and lengthened orgasms as part of overall sexual health.


Weight control


Arginine also shows signs of being an effective aid in controlling your weight. notes that by keeping fat in the system and preventing the body from moving it to storage, arginine promotes using fat as an energy resource and not keeping it as a body feature. Further, by helping promote muscle growth, the body will continue to develop additional musculature which will, in turn, expend more energy and can help contribute to weight loss.


With all these benefits, now’s the time to see how adding arginine to your routine can help improve your fitness and overall health!