When a doctor tells a patient they have high blood pressure, it really never strikes us with as much concern, as it should.  We hear high blood pressure and our immediate responses are along the lines of, “no big deal” or “I’ll bring it down.”  In reality, high blood pressure is a much more dangerous condition than most people think.


One of the worst factors of having high blood pressure is that having it can quietly damage your body for years before you even start developing symptoms.  Furthermore, if this health concern is left uncontrolled, you’re at risk of developing numerous disabilities, living a very poor quality of life or even fatally suffering from a heart attack.  Adding to the dangers of high blood pressure is an extensive list of other complications.  High blood pressure can lead to damage of your arteries by narrowing and blocking blood flow to your heart.  Over time, this condition presents a severe risk to having an aneurysm.


Conversely, high blood pressure can cause severe damage to your heart through development of conditions such as coronary heart disease, enlarged heart or ultimately going into heart failure.  This stems back to the damage your arteries took by swelling up and restricting blood flow to the heart.  Furthermore, if your heart starts to fail so will your brain.  Conditions like transient ischemic attack, or a mini stroke; a stroke, dementia or cognitive impairment can easily take place.


Among other detrimental disorders such as kidney failure, damage to your eyes and sexual dysfunction, the worst fear of high blood pressure is death.  Clearly, high blood pressure is a serious matter that can lead to other serious ailments, which if not taken care of properly and immediately can lead to an untimely death. So, if your doctor or physician ever tells you that you have high blood pressure, seek out a way to help cure this disease and live a long, prosperous life.