The list of vitamins found in nature can be pretty long and intimidating. Figuring out which ones to include in your daily regimen can be confusing. However, there are some vitamins, like vitamin C, that are especially beneficial to humans. In fact, most other animals don’t need vitamin C at all. But the benefits it provides to us should not be ignored. Once you learn what vitamin C can do for you, it should be an easy choice to prioritize it on a daily basis.


It Combats the Common Cold

Everyone knows that there is no real cure for the common cold, but vitamin C is often thought of as the next best thing. Studies have shown that it could lessen the severity of symptoms, and even shorten the amount of time they last. One of the reasons for this is that vitamin C acts like an antihistamine. Instead of reaching for the daily allergy pills on the pharmacy shelves, many people swear by a daily dose of natural vitamin C.


It Helps to Prevent Cancer

In contrast to the everyday common cold, cancer is a potentially life threatening condition that comes in many forms. But like the common cold, protection against cancer starts with a strong immune system, which vitamin C can help to promote. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, fighting damage and mutation at the cellular level.


It Can Keep You Seeing Clear

Vitamin A usually gets all of the credit as a key to healthy vision, but vitamin C has an important role to play as well. The lenses in our eyes use vitamin C to fight against the formation of cataracts, which are a common cause of blindness later in life.


It Can Help to Manage Diabetes

One of the problems with low insulin levels is that compounds like vitamin C have a hard time effecting cells without it. Vitamin C may also help to regulate glucose, which leads to many complications in diabetics. Supplementing vitamin C may help to alleviate these conditions.


Of course, we could write an entire book on the benefits of vitamin C. It’s benefits are so widely known—with new ones being discovered—that anyone who takes their health seriously should be including it in their diet. That’s why at Sante Global, we’ve included a daily dose of vitamin C in our signature Arginine Infusion heart health drink.