Raisins and grapes are great for your heart

The American College of Cardiology did a study recently on raisins and its effect on the heart, and the study got what it was looking for – positive results.


A group of 46 men and woman participated in the study, where half were given raisins to eat as snack three times a day and the other half other snacks. The study showed that it “significantly reduced systolic blood pressure at weeks 4, 8 and 12, ranging from -4.8 to -7.2 percent.”


If you didn’t know, raisins are grapes wrinkled brothers and grapes have been proven do a lot to help the heart. They help relax arteries to allow more blood flow to the heart and other extremities of your body and relieve high blood pressure.


From the website docsuppliments.com, “Grape Skin Extract is known to contain 98% resveratrol, which is a polyphenol compound typically found in plants.” Resveratrol is in a wide-variety of red wines, which has been said a glass of wine per day could help lower the risk of heart attacks.

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