High blood pressure is a problem for many people. And it can lead to more problems, such as heart disease, stroke and/or kidney failure.


For quite some time, people have tried adjusting their diets in order to lower their blood pressure by adding plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as low-fat dairy products. Recently, though, the American Journal of Hypertension published research that shows protein could be the additional nutrient needed to aid in lowering blood pressure.


Researchers looked at data from adults who consumed more protein-- from eggs, meat, etc.-- over the course of four years, and found those who had the highest protein intake--102 grams a day on average--saw a 40 percent lower risk of developing high blood pressure. Research also showed that those who ate lots of fiber in their diets also helped reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure.


The culture has been telling people for years to avoid fat. That meant they avoided milk, eggs and meat to try and reduce their fat intake. However, many people replaced those protein-heavy items with sugary products and junk food in general. Not good.


So, consider increasing the amount of protein you consume in order to lower your blood pressure. A varied diet, where you consume a variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meats, is best for heart health and good blood flow.


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