There’s really no comparison It’s proven that Sante Global’s Arginine Infusion offers everything L-Arginine Plus, ProArgi9+ and Herbalife's Niteworks Powder mix, including more vitamins and minerals AND costs less. That’s right, Arginine infusion offers more nutrients and costs less. Just compare L-Arginine Supplements and see for yourself.

For this post, let's talk about ProArgi-9+. ProArgi9+ is one of the most expensive arginine products out there. At $77.50, it offers the exact same ingredients that Arginine Infusion does. ProArgi9+ will claim to have pharmaceutical grade L-arginine, but wouldn't you need a prescription to order it? That's not the case.

Arginine Infusion offers everything plus some on ProArgi9+. Magnesium and 72 trace minerals are vitally important to the everyday health of your body.

Magnesium, for one, isn't able to produce inside your body, but yet it's needed for over 300 different chemical reactions to take place. Magnesium helps in the formation of bones, helps maintain functions of muscle and nerve cells, helps absorb calcium, and even releasing energy stored in your muscles.


As far as the 72 trace minerals that are in our Arginine Infusion, these minerals are needed to maintain your bodies balance prober chemical balance.


It's not like magnesium and the 72 trace minerals will do harm to your body, they only do the body well. We have them in our L-Arginine supplement: Arginine Infusion.

So go ahead and try them out. Pay the extra $50 for ProArgi-9+ and see why you're wasting your money.

Arginine Infusion is less expensive and just as effective as the ProArgi-9+. So try it for yourself and start saving money and feeling better, today!