Unlike type 1 diabetes, which is often diagnosed in children and young adults due to the lack of insulin produced, Type 2 diabetes is often (but not always) the result of poor lifestyle choices.


In fact, type 2 diabetes occurs when individuals have issues regulating their blood sugar. While diet and exercise play a significant role in preventing type 2 diabetes, other risk factors include:


·       Obesity

·       A sedentary lifestyle

·       Older age

·       Family history

·       History of gestational diabetes

·       Race or ethnicity


Although some individuals can manage and maintain their blood sugar through a healthy diet and exercise, many people end up taking medications to help regulate their blood sugar. However, losing weight often helps those taking medications to be able to stop taking them.


In order to lower your risk of for type 2 diabetes, here are four things you can do to prevent it.


1. Control your weight


One of the biggest contributors to type 2 diabetes is excess weight. By controlling and maintaining a healthy weight, you lower your risk for developing diabetes. You’ll also end up feeling better and remaining active.


2. Exercise regularly


Getting in a significant amount of exercise a week will also help lower your risk for type 2 diabetes. Instead of sitting around watching television or just lounging, get out there and move! Staying active will also help you feel great, while assisting you with weight loss.


3. Eat healthy


Even if you do exercise regularly, you’re not going to loose that excess weight unless you change your eating habits. Stay away from processed foods and carbohydrates, instead choose whole grains and complex carbs. Ditch pop and other sugary drinks and stick with water, coffee and tea. Choose good fats such as oils, nuts, and seeds and stay away from fried foods and baked goods. Instead of red meats, try lean meats, fish and nuts. In fact, foods high in arginine are also great options!


4. Quit smoking


 Do we really have to get into this one? Just quit – it’s bad for all areas of your life!