Have you ever wondered how our body’s cells communicate and transmit signals to each other? Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, all of which need to work together to help us function. It’s only natural that there is be a molecule that does that!


And nitric oxide is that molecule. One of the many cells in our bodies, nitric oxide is a molecule our body produces that helps our cells communicate with each other.


Some of the cellular activities that nitric oxide plays a role in include:

  • Transmitting information between the nerve cells in our brain, which helps our memory and behaviors
  • Helping fight off bacteria and defending against tumors
  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Increasing endurance and strength
  • Improving quality of sleep and sleeping patterns


As you can see, nitric oxide plays a significant role in our body – day in and day out. Without it, we would have a difficult time doing a lot of things! One of the most noteworthy and recognized aspect about nitric oxide is the benefit it provides for cardiovascular health. Found in many medications such as nitroglycerin, when nitric oxide is released into your arteries it helps relax tapered blood vessels, which helps increase blood and oxygen flow.


To learn more about the benefits of nitric oxide, check out this video featuring Dr. Ignarro. Dr. Ignarro is a professor of Pharmacology at UCLA who has spend decades researching ways to improve health without prescription drugs.