It’s no secret that lots of users of our L-Arginine supplement, Arginine Infusion, take the supplement to help them workout. As people age, the growth hormones in their body aren’t produced as much, which is a reason why people don’t look the same at 25 as they do at 55.


Arginine Supplement Now real HGH, human growth hormones, is illegal if you don’t have a prescription. In professional athletics, HGH is a banned substance that could result in suspension or possibly the removal from the league. But supplements like L-Arginine serves as a growth hormone releaser, kind of waking up the human growth hormone to help build muscle and stimulate growth and cell reproduction.


Growth hormone levels will rarely approach youthful levels no matter when the L-Arginine supplement is taken, but nonetheless any release of HGH will help increase mass faster. It’s been noted in the February 2011 issue of “Journal of Nutrition” that taking Arginine while working out did enhance the normal “exercise-induced” HGH.


Another way Arginine Infusion helps inhibit the increase of HGH is blocking the inhibitor of HGH – somatostatin. By blocking smatostatin, HGH can begin to produce immediately after taking an L-arginine supplement. A 1999 study proved this as volunteers received a an infusion of arginine or saline, and the HGH produced from the supplement almost immediately.


Remember, human growth hormone is illegal, but L-Arginine helps in blocking the inhibitor and restarting the naturally occurring hormone at natural levels, which are healthy for your body.