A main knock on L-Arginine supplements is the taste. Just do a quick Google search on “L-Arginine Taste” and you’ll see posts like, “Help! L-Arginine tastes horrible!” or “How to make L-Arginine taste better.”


The problem with this? I don’t think these people have tried our L-Arginine supplement Arginine Infusion. Besides offering the lowest price when you compare L-Arginine supplements, and providing more nutritional value with more vitamins and minerals, we also have the best taste.


Taste is important when it comes to choosing an L-arginine supplement. You’re going to be using this product for a while and you don’t want to cringe every time you have a sip. Our berry blend has a great taste; so much so people actually enjoy drinking it, not because it’s great for your body.We've heard horror stories on how bad Pro-Argi9+ tastes, just look what Joanne James said from Grand Junction, CO -- Arginine Infusion tastes better and is a LOT cheaper (than ProArgi-9).


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