Are you reaping the benefits of our L-Arginine supplement, Arginine Infusion? Do you want to eat more foods with foods that contain L-Arginine to help trigger Nitric Oxide? Typically, foods that are big in protein are also high in L-Arginine.


Here are a few foods that contain L-Arginine, which helps create Nitric Oxide.


PeanutsNuts – Nuts have always been a great source of non-meat and dairy protein, and naturally, they are high in L-Arginine too. Regular peanuts contain 3,500 mg per serving. Pistachios, walnuts and almonds, three of the most popular consumed nuts, contain 2,000 mg per serving, which is around 3.5 ounces. Pine nuts yield the highest amount of L-Arginine, containing 4,750 mg of L-Arginine.


Fish – Seafood is some of the healthiest food for you on the planet. First, its natural Omega fatty acids have proven to have loads of health benefits. Popular foods like Tuna, shrimp, scallops, crab and lobster contain a high amount of L-Arginine -- over 1,000 mg per serving. While tastefully and nutritionally good for you, these crustaceans and shellfish can be pricey.


Meat – Lean meat like Chicken, turkey and beef have been known to have a fairly high amounts of Arginine. But remember, red meat, specifically beef, should be eaten moderately if not sparingly because of its fat content. Game meat like deer, elk and bison are low in fat and feature a good amount of L-Arginine in them as well. Turkey has over 3 grams of L-Arginine per 200-colorie serving according to an article on Lean meats, which are not only healthy for you but are high in protein, also are high in L-Arginine.


Those are the three main food groups that contain a high amount of L-Arginine. Other foods include oats, spinach, and some beans like lentils and kidney beans. So if you run out of your favorite L-Arginine supplement in Arginine Infusion and looking to make a meal to help supplement your diet before your next order comes through, check out these foods.