Woman and L-ArginineThere’s another L word women are talking about these days and it has everything to do with feeling good and staying healthy.


The word is L-arginine and when regularly taken as a supplement, it can boost protein levels in the body. Arginine is an amino acid, first isolated more than 100 years ago.


In L form, it is one of the most common natural amino acids found in the body. L-Arginine is commonly used in supplemental form as men and women age and the body creates less of this amino acid.


Men have been known to take L-arginine suppliments as a way to prevent erectile dysfunction. Though L-Arginine is not proven to cure ED, arginine infusion is based on a medical breakthrough that is considered to be an important advance in the fight against high blood pressure, poor circulation, stroke and heart disease. L-arginine is thought to boost the body’s production of nitric oxide, a compound that facilitates erections by dilating the penis’ blood vessels.


Women, however, use L-Arginine for slightly different reasons.


The amino acid does support immune performance, and can work to heal wounds and eliminate extra ammonia from the body. But women have also recognized the fertility advantages of L-arginine. Because L-arginine works to improve blood flow through the vessels, it is often used as a cream for remedying sexual predicaments that affect both sexes.


L-Arginine is also being utilized for heart and blood vessels issues such as chest pain, congestive heart failure, and coronary ailment. It can also prevent colds, improve kidney performance, enhance the immune system and help boost exercise sessions. Working to produce creatine, a nitrogen-rich organic acid that occurs naturally in the body and helps to supply energy to cells, L-Arginine can improve muscle reduction and for providing vigor to cells. This supplement aids athletic accomplishment, increases the discharge of growth hormones and decreases exhaustion. L-Arginine also helps the body reduce body fat by increasing metabolism, boosting nitrogen stability and altering protein into muscle.


According to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, those who supplement L-Arginine with antioxidant vitamins may decrease the occurrence of pre-eclampsia in susceptible women. Additional advantages of L-Arginine include lessened trauma to burn victims and quicker recovery to those who recently had surgery.