With the myriad of effects it has on a person's wellbeing, we can assume there's much to learn about L-arginine. The ubiquitous information on this amino acid is overwhelming and plentiful. Oftentimes, we skim through articles and blogs, paying attention to the things we're looking for, but sometimes missing unique and interesting information.

Let us help catch you up to speed.

Below, you'll find five interesting facts about the semi-essential Amino Acid, L-arginine.

    Extracted from a lupine seedling, L-arginine was first discovered in 1886
    L Arginine treats ED and reduces the risk of heart failure, because it opens the blood vessels and promotes healthy blood flow in the body
    An Arginine deficiency can lead to cardiovascular, neuro, and pulmonary dysfunction and failure
    Some doctors suggest an L-arginine supplement after a kidney transplant, or sometimes during pregnancy, and of course to improve blood pressure
    L-arginine earned Dr. Murad a Nobel Prize in 1998
    L-Arginine is a component of collagen and it could assist the creation of new bone cells and joint strengthening