As the saying goes, “you are what you eat.” And let’s be honest here, it’s so very true. Every little thing you put into your mouth has the ability to affect the way you feel and look. Food is your body’s fuel, and it has the ability to drastically affect your health.


This is also true when it comes to your blood circulation. Think about it: the more healthy foods you eat, the less fatty plaques will build up within your arteries; directly affecting your overall health.


If you’re trying to eat your way to a healthier life and better circulation, below is a link to an infographic from NUTRiLiving that outlines some vegetables that are high in nitrates. These veggies could help lower your blood pressure, and subsequently improve your circulation.


[image url:]


In addition to the foods in the infographic above, oranges, dark chocolate, garlic, watermelon, salmon and avocados, are also great additions to your grocery list to help keep the blood flowing! Increasing your arginine intake can similarly ‘’increase blood flow throughout the body.”


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