The summertime is a good time to be active and fit. The weather is nicer, it’s easier to be active outside, and the daylight lasts longer. Whether you choose to workout in a gym, your own home, or go for a run or a walk outside, it is essential that you have the proper equipment to help you stay in shape.

Sante Global, a worldwide company that makes a line of health supplements, is a great resource to use in order to make sure your exercise and healthy diet are paying off. Infused with products that will only help to boost your health, their special Arginine Infusion Supplement is the way to go! Many health supplements contain dangerous materials that don’t always help the body in positive ways. This product only includes ingredients that will boost the body’s health and create a positive outcome. Listed below are just a few of the amazing health benefits that this heart, body and blood flow supplement have to offer.


¨      The antioxidant properties support many of the body systems and protect against many harmful diseases such as heart disease, strokes, and cancer

¨      Enhances memory, and possibly even reverses the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

¨      Also enhances the immune system, circulatory system, and cellular health

¨      Helps to prevent hemorrhoids


This supplement is best taken on an empty stomach, typically first thing in the morning, 30-60 minutes before any rigorous workout or activity, and about an hour before you go to bed. According to, the effectiveness of arginine in releasing grown hormones decreases if food was recently consumed. If there has been a recent digestion of food in the body, other amino acids and insulin will be present in the bloodstream; therefore, the arginine does not have the means to do its proper job.