Do you know the true benefits of Nitric Oxide?


Since it’s an important part of our awesome L-Arginine Supplement, you know the benefits are similar, but let’s break them down and see what you get when you take NO.


Nitric Oxide BenefitsIncrease in Blood Flow:

Like L-Arginine, Nitric Oxide can help improve blood flow. Its popular amongst those who work out and those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. This helps increase the size of the veins where the blood flows through, going to the muscles affected.


Increase in Alertness:

NO is a catalyst for the increase in the communication and response time between your nerve cells. Even if the response time between your nerve cells and brain is quicker by just a hair, it can still give you an increase in focus and reaction time.


Stronger: sourced a study from Baylor University resulting that people who took an NO supplement increased their one-rep max bench press more than those who just got a placebo. The study didn’t say whether the group experienced an increase in muscle mass, but chances are they did.


Healthy Heart:

Dr. Louis Ignarro, who won a Nobel Peace Prize on his NO research, says that it’s the “body’s natural way of preventing strokes and heart attacks.”


Nitric Oxide can help lower blood pressu too, though it’s recommended people resee a doctor before taking nitric oxide or Arginine Infusion as a remedy for this specific problem.