Normally, a person’s body produces insulin, a hormone produced in the pancreas that properly regulates the amount of glucose (aka sugar) in the blood. However, many people deal with having diabetes, where their pancreas produces little or no insulin. Therefore, diabetics typically need to inject insulin into their bodies to regulate their bodies use of glucose for energy.  


Diabetics oftentimes have difficulty absorbing insulin because their cell membranes are no longer sensitive to it-- not really recognizing the hormone-- and therefore not absorbing enough of it. A body needs energy to function, and if insulin isn’t properly regulating a person’s blood sugar level then a whole host of problems can occur, including a stroke or heart attack.


Research has indicated that arginine can reduce insulin resistance, therefore increasing insulin sensitivity. In other words, arginine, an amino acid, serves the purpose of helping insulin do its job in the body.


Furthermore, arginine is associated with nitric oxide which also has a direct and good influence on insulin sensitivity. Nitric oxide also helps expand blood vessels to allow for better blood flow, thus reducing a person’s blood pressure.


Sante Global’s Arginine Infusion can help diabetics with their insulin-related issues. As a berry blend drink, Arginine Infusion delivers arginine to the body in an effort to improve a person’s overall cardiovascular health. As a supplement, Arginine Infusion has many health benefits.


Consult your doctor about arginine, and ask if he or she recommends increasing your arginine intake, especially if you’re diabetic.