Arginine is something your body makes naturally, and it’s needed for your body to function well. However, sometimes people’s injuries or health problems mess with the body’s production of arginine, and taking an arginine supplement can therefore help benefit the body during that time.


Arginine has many benefits to the body and a person’s overall cardiovascular health. It’s perhaps best known for improving blood flow in the body, helping make for a healthier heart. Arginine helps produce nitric oxide which then relaxes blood vessels, allowing blood flow to increase to bodily organs, including the heart. Some people have found that arginine supplements have helped lower their blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol.


Besides helping with nitric oxide and blood flow, arginine also helps get your thymus gland producing T-cells, boosting your immune system. T-cells are thought to help slow the growth of tumors as well as help heal wounds.


Did you know that arginine helps improve the balance of nitrogen in your body, enabling the body to convert more protein into muscle? Bodybuilders have noticed that taking an arginine supplement has helped them burn fat and build muscle.


Finally, men should know that arginine may help increase sperm counts, stimulate their sex drive, and help with erectile dysfunction.


Sante Global’s Arginine Infusion is a nutritional supplement available as a “berry blend” powder. Mix it with water and drink up! Sante Global sells an 11 ounce version of Arginine Infusion, as well as a “jumbo size” containing 66 ounces. If you have any questions, call 866-617-0009 or email