A handful of nuts are always good for a quick snack, not only because they are tasty, but they possess certain health benefits as well. Any consumable should always be eaten in moderation or a recommended serving size, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to work more nuts into your diet (especially if you’re lacking in certain daily requirements already). Here are the top reasons why it’s good to eat more nuts.


REGULATE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR – It’s a fast and simple way for people who are at the risk of developing diabetes to control their blood sugar. A study has now shown that tree nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, and others, can improve control over blood sugar levels in people that suffer from Type 2 Diabetes.


IMPROVE HEART HEALTH – Eating nuts can actually lower your cholesterol. People with high cholesterol are subject to numerous heart problems, such as coronary heart disease.


WEIGHT CONTROL – Each nut you eat is jam-packed with fiber, which in turn helps regulate weight gain. The density of nuts also makes you feel fuller. They are also high in saturated fats, and those are the good kind that you actually want to consume.


HIGH IN PROTEIN – Nuts have high levels of protein, which can easily be overlooked in a daily diet since most people are concerned about calorie intake and fat levels.


STUFFED WITH VITAMINS & MINERALS – It’s amazing just how much is crammed into a tiny nut. Nuts generally have magnesium, folate (which is great for brain development), Vitamin E for a healthy circulatory system, and arginine (an amino acid responsible for generating nitric oxide, a blood vessel relaxer).


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