Arginine is something the body makes naturally, but it can also be put into one’s system through certain foods, as well as nutritional supplements such as Arginine Infusion by Sante Global. And here’s where it gets interesting: adding 1.5 percent arginine in toothpaste is yet another way to add it to your system.


Colgate has recently shared with the world that according to a pair of two-year clinical studies on 12,000 people, the benefits of using toothpaste formulated with arginine are substantial.


Toothpaste with 1.5 percent arginine and 1,450 ppm of fluoride resulted in--get this--up to 20 percent fewer new cavities forming during the two year studies. These results were compared to using just a regular fluoride toothpaste. So, the conclusion is this: arginine can aid in preventing cavities!


Colgate makes a toothpaste called “Maximum Cavity Protection,” which contains arginine. It is available in select markets.


Meanwhile, Sante Global makes Arginine Infusion. It can help increase your body’s blood flow, enabling a consistent flow of nitric oxide throughout your body. This elevates the oxygen levels to your organs, and many athletes have found it helps them have better workouts.


In addition to improving circulation, arginine has many benefits and may protect you against heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. It’s also known for enhancing people’s long term memory and strengthening the body’s function to fight bacterial infections. Arginine can also reduce blood clotting and pregnancy-related hypertension, as well as prevent hemorrhoids and osteoporosis. All that and it can reduce the number of cavities in your teeth, too? Arginine is impressive.


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