More of us suffer sexual dysfunction than we may realize. Allegedly, about 43% of men and 31% of women cannot fully enjoy sexual intercourse in a healthy way. In women, it's usually described as a loss of libido. For men it's the same, but it could also include the inability to perform physically.


L-arginine can help with this statistic, as it is an essential amino acid, which serves as a safe, efficient pro-sexual nutrient for both genders.


L-Arginine helps support the creation of Nitric Oxide in the body. Used to lower blood pressure, or support cardio workouts, this supplement is phenomenal at controlling blood flow. Insufficient blood flow is a major cause of impotence in men, while extremely high/low blood pressure can also kill a woman's sex drive. L-Arginine supplements help to regulate blood flow through the body, lowering blood pressure, increasing oxygen, and improving the libido.


In addition to L Arginine, you can try some natural ways to boost your libido. Sometimes there are psychological irritants that can raise your blood pressure and cause difficulties while trying to be intimate.


1. Exercise

Aerobics and Cardio sessions improves blood flow and boosts endorphins, so you'll be in a better mood, and more energetic.


2. De-Stress & Breathe

Stress is the ultimate romance killer. Cortisol is released when we're stressing out. Do whatever you have to do to remove the panic feelings. Try going to a spa or taking a 1-2 night getaway by yourself. Sometimes, controlled berating can work with L-arginine to increase blood flow quickly.


3. Switch Things Up

When you've been married for 40 years and your daily routine has gotten a bit mundane, find something new to do. Going for a random hike or lying out in the sun to talk might just be what your relationship needs to push past the stressful situation at hand. Pairing L-Arginine with exhilarating date nights is the perfect way to make sparks fly again.


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