When it comes to your immune system, everyone knows how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle. By eating right, exercising and taking care of yourself – mentally, physically and emotionally – you’re giving yourself the opportunity to live a full and healthy life.


It’s often (with some exceptions, of course) that the people we see getting sick regularly are individuals who don’t take proper care of themselves. Whether they choose to eat junk all the time, neglect their bodies, or don’t participate in any physical activity, they’re single-handedly sabotaging their health.


In addition to practicing a healthy lifestyle through a good diet and exercise, amino acids also play a significant role in keeping your immune system healthy – especially in cases of infections and wounds. The “building blocks of protein,” amino acids (both the essential and nonessential) do a lot for your body.


In case you aren’t familiar, essential amino acids are amino acids that our body cannot make, which means we must obtain these from food and/or supplements. Nonessential amino acids are the amino acids that our bodies do make, meaning we don’t need to seek them in alternative forms.


Did you know:

1.     Amino acids are responsible for most of the reactions that take place in living cells?

2.     Amino acids can’t be stored by your body?

3.     If you don’t incorporate one of the essential amino acids into your diet, your body uses your muscle and other proteins to make it?


Arginine is considered a “conditionally essential” amino acid, which means that our bodies usually make enough of it, but there are times we need to seek it in alternative forms. We can do this through supplements and our diet.


Times when we need more arginine in our system is when our immune system is compromised. Some instances include severe burns, growth spurts, injuries, while wounds are healing, and when we have infections.


Important to the formation of molecules that new B cells and T cell require during their rapid growth and proliferation in the beginning of an infection, arginine helps the body heal more quickly, thus supporting a healthy immune system.


Whether you’re healing from a severe burn or preparing to go in for surgery, increasing the amount of amino acids you consume – specifically arginine – will benefit you in the long run.