As you probably already know, Sante Global makes a nutritional supplement known as “Arginine Infusion.” It has a multitude of health benefits, and the question in this posting is this: How are arginine and asthma connected?


Research seems to indicate that arginine improves some symptoms of asthma and improves nitric oxide metabolism and allergic airway inflammation. Arginine has been found to reduce symptoms of asthma at a dose of 250 mg/kg. Arginase inhibitors were found beneficial in animal studies.


Since arginine is an essential amino acid, asthmatics who don’t have sufficient arginine may experience an imbalance between the nitric oxide synthase and the arginase enzymes. In plain English, that means arginine helps people breathe better. So if you or someone you know has asthma, a lack of/imbalance of arginine in your or their system may be a contributing factor to the problem.


Mice were tested to see how various amounts of arginine affected enzymes in lung tissue. As stated earlier, a dose of 250 mg/kg seemed to make a positive difference in their breathing. The more nitric oxide the less inflammation. Indeed, arginine helped (and helps) reduce the amount of thick collagen around the bronchovascular region in allergies. Simply put, arginine acts like a snowplow or street sweeper in your body.


If you want to see the research study overview, it’s available online at:


Meanwhile, Sante Global’s Arginine Infusion offers 5,000mg of arginine per serving, which is more than enough to see if it can improve asthma problems in you or someone you know. It’s worth a try.