Antioxidants: we know they’re good for us, but what are they and why are they so important?


Antioxidants are chemicals in your body that neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are the result of food breaking down in your body, as well as exposure to smoke, pollution and UV radiation from the sun. With too many free radicals in your body, you’re at risk for developing heart disease, cancer and other harmful diseases.


So basically, antioxidants help rid your body of harmful cells that can cause life threatening illnesses.


To combat these diseases and to get rid of those free radicals, consuming foods, vitamins, and drinks that contain antioxidants is highly recommended. You can also take supplements that contain antioxidant properties, such as arginine, to ensure and/or assist in the neutralization of your body’s free radicals.


Some well-known foods that contain antioxidants include green tea, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. However, these are just a few examples of antioxidant-rich foods.


For more foods that contain high levels of antioxidants, as well as some interesting facts about antioxidants, check out the infographic below:


What are Antioxidants and Why are they so Important?
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Will you be incorporating antioxidants into your diet from now on? Let us know in the comments below, and keep in mind that Arginine has antioxidant properties!