With all the current focus on nutrition and healthy living, we hear lots of jargon getting thrown around, often without stopping to understand what it actually means. For instance, we hear about amino acids all the time without explanation. Since L-arginine is an essential amino acid itself, we thought it would be nice to fill our customers in on what that actually means.


The most simple and widespread explanation is that amino acids are the “building blocks” of protein. This process occurs on a cellular level. While there are many amino acids in existence, only twenty of them are used to build protein in the human body—or any biological life, for that matter. These twenty amino acids bond with one another to synthesize the protein needed to keep the body performing at a high level, from muscle growth to an effective immune system.


That’s how a chemist would start explaining amino acids. However, many different people think of amino acids in different ways. In the world of fitness, for example, amino acids are considered mainly fuel for growth and increased strength, and are used to take a daily workout to the next level.


Nutritionists will have yet another take on the subject. Amino acids are found in the protein that you eat. The digestive system breaks down the protein into amino acids and then puts them back together to form, repair, and strengthen many parts of the body. Each amino acid has specific functions and benefits, each of which a well-trained nutritionist would probably be intimately familiar with.


Confused yet? Don’t be. The simple answer, above all others, is that amino acids are—at least in part—what we as humans are made of. L-arginine and L-citrulline are two specific amino acids that cause increased production levels of Nitric Oxide in the body, and both are part of the Arginine Infusion supplement featured on our website.


It’s never a bad idea to know more about the processes and compounds that form life on earth. It’s harnessing that knowledge that makes it possible to perform at our absolute best, every day.