As you might know, l-arginine is non-essential amino acid that is produced within our bodies and assists in various cellular functions. One function it assists with is muscle mass development as a result of helping release nitric oxide throughout our bodies.


While our body does produce this amino acid, it can also be found in various foods including whole wheat, nuts, seeds, poultry, red meats, dairy products and fish. Additionally, it can be found in supplements, which many athletes, body builders and fitness enthusiasts use to help with recovery and building lean muscle.


When it comes to muscle growth, arginine helps because it is essential in the “synthesis of most proteins.” As you work to increase your muscle mass, arginine signals the muscle cells of growth, helps release growth hormones, and it also supports fat metabolism. As a result, lean muscle is developed, which is exactly what we are looking for, right?


In addition to helping support the growth of lean muscle, it also promotes endurance and muscle conditioning as a results of the release of nitric oxide. As nitric oxide is released into your body, your blood vessels are widened, which increases the amount of blood flow to your muscles during a workout. This is great because increased blood flow means your muscles are receiving more oxygen and nutrients. This will not only help you work out longer, but it also helps protect you from muscle damage.


All in all, arginine will help you build lean muscle. Have you seen growth in muscle by adding arginine into your routine? Share your results with us in the comments below!