L-Arginine, an important amino acid, is well known for its health benefits, and is fast becoming a widely used supplement for enhancing health. Now, studies have shown that arginine’s ability to increase blood flow can actually help athletic performance and those who enjoy the benefits of a good workout.


Nitric Oxide (or NO), plays an important part in increasing blood flow to organs and muscles by aiding in vasodilation, or dilating the blood vessels. Increased blood flow enhances physical endurance and enables people who are working out or participating in any athletic activity to push harder and last longer. In a sport, this could be the difference between winning or losing.


L-Arginine is responsible for the synthesis of nitric oxide in the body and therefore has a direct bearing on blood flow. In studies, it has been shown that l-arginine, in large doses, increases the function of the blood vessels.


Jeff S Volek, PhD, RD, says in an article for Nutrition Express, “Healthy men performed an exercise test on a cycle on two occasions. During one trial they consumed 6g of L-arginine. During the second trial they consumed a placebo. One hour after taking the L-arginine and the placebo, subjects performed an incremental exercise test to exhaustion. The primary finding was that L-arginine supplementation reduced the amount of oxygen required to perform exercise. This means that individuals accomplished the same exercise load, but with less energy expended.”  This has big implications for athletes looking to improve their performance.


If you are looking to increase your endurance potential, or enhance your performance whether you are exercising or playing a sport, L-arginine might be a good supplement to try.