You know what’s funny about L-Arginine Plus supplement? On their home page when they compare ProArgi-9 and NiteWorks, they don’t include the best Arginine supplement on the market, Arginine Infusion.


It’s funny they don’t compare with us, because we know we have a better product. Check out how our arginine supplements are much more superior than L-Arginine Plus. Not only are we less expensive than L-Arginine Plus, we have more ingredients to make our product better. Grape Skin Extract and D-Ribose are two, critical ingredients L-Arginine Plus fails to leave out.


Grape skin extract has been an important find in the health field. It contains a big concentration of anthocyanin, which can be used to deter aging and neurological diseases, diabetes, infections and even fibrocystic disease. So it’s never bad to have too much grape skin extract, in fact , it’s pretty important.


D-Ribose has been increasingly important in the health field, when researchers realized the body uses this carbohydrate for energy production. It helps provide the body of ATP, which gives the body crucial energy during physical activity, like working out or playing sports. Also, Ribose is helpful in the recovery after working out to help strengthen muscles.


Wouldn’t you think D-Ribose is one of the most important ingredients one would want in your arginine supplement? L-Arginine Plus leaves it out, but we don’t. Arginine Infusion includes both Grape Skin Extract and D-Ribose, and it’s almost $20 less than Arginine Plus. Remember, Arginine Infusion is the clear choice. Better than L-Arginine Plus and ProArgi-9+. You’re next NiteWorks, and like the last two, the comparison of L-arginine supplements isn’t close.