Amino acids make up all proteins, which in turn make up muscles, ligaments, organs, glands, nails, hair, blood and more. Just like water is essential to life, so are amino acids. They are often considered to be the body’s building blocks, playing a vital role in your mood, energy levels, weight loss, muscle building, and overall brain functions. You cannot live a good life without them.


Arginine is an amino acid known for retarding tumor and cancer growth. It also encourages growth hormones. Meanwhile, arginine helps detoxify the liver and kidneys. And here’s something especially interesting: about 80% of a man’s semen is comprised of arginine.


If you’re a man and your libido is low, you might consider using Sante Global’s Arginine Infusion nutritional supplement because arginine has a positive influence on a man’s libido, and can even help with erections. Arginine is the biological precursor to the body’s development of nitric oxide, which ends up relaxing blood vessel walls. As blood circulates better throughout the body, this includes erectile tissue in the penis. Meanwhile, one’s arteries become more elastic, lowering blood pressure and making it easier for a man to have an erection. Simply put, arginine helps men with their potency and sexual stamina.


Overall, amino acids like arginine help a man or woman’s body function properly. Research suggests that arginine, in particular, has many health benefits, including strengthening the immune system, improving a person’s circulation, helping with wound healing, and burning excess fat.


While your body makes several amino acids, like arginine, naturally, sometimes, for whatever reason, you may be lacking and could use a nutritional supplement like Sante Global’s Arginine Infusion in order to improve your cardiovascular health and more.