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Arginine Infusion Testimonials:


"I Love Arginine Infusion


I am a 30 year old female marathon runner and I track my training times religiously. I began using L-arginine for the cardio benefits, but I was astounded by what an effect the increased circulation had on my running.


I take 1 serving 30 minutes before every run and I feel great it has decreased my run times and increased my motivation."


Monica Kuhl-Billings
Denver, CO


"I'm an older guy (50s) who is trying to get back in shape. I've been working out on a regular basis for awhile now, but have only recently begun using Arginine Infusion. I have begun to notice more stamina and endurance during my workouts. I am starting to push myself a little harder and I believe that the Arginine Infusion is giving me more energy and motivation, both during and after my workouts. It also contains resveratrol, so I don't have to purchase a separate resveratrol supplement. It is also good for my blood pressure and heart. I was taking another similar product but the price was higher and I did not like the flavor. I like the flavor of Arginine Infusion better!. Since I have been taking Arginine Infusion I feel several years younger!"


F. Philips
San Diego, CA



"I was diagnosed with high blood pressure a couple years ago, along with an anxiety disorder.  I literally had tried everything from prescriptions to yoga until I bought Arginine Infusion.  My blood pressure is under control now without costly prescription drugs that do more harm than good, and I am a calmer, happier person.  I just wanted to thank you ( and so does my family!) for giving me the tool I needed to get me healthy again!"


Thank you so much for your time, 


Melanie Reuter
Gaithersburg, MD




"This product is great! I had been taking "ProArgi 9" for around 3 years. In that time I have noticed a big difference in my health. I have a lot more energy and my blood-work has greatly improved. A couple of months ago I found "Arginine Infusion" on the internet and because the price was so much less I did some investigating. I have since learned that the only reason ProArgi 9 cost so much more is because of the big mark-up with multi level company’s.


Arginine Infusion tastes better and is a LOT cheaper. I was buying the jumbo in the Pro Arginine and they went up to $270 each. So why pay over $120 more for the same - if not better product?!"


Joanne James
Grand Junction, CO