L arginine is a known supplement for improving blood flow for people with high cholesterol and heart conditions. The semi-essential amino acid is available through some foods, but in higher levels through supplements and drugs.


About L Arginine Deficiency


A deficiency in this amino acid can cause adverse side effects such as lethargy, weight gain, high blood pressure, and other signs of cardiovascular turmoil. Failing to eat enough protein can result in this deficiency but it could also be an outcome of genetics. If changing your diet doesn’t improve your arginine levels, you may need a supplement like L-Arginine.


Since it increases blood flow, this amino acid is beneficial for your cardiovascular and overall health in so many ways. Below, we’ve listed 10 ways this supplement can improve your quality of life.


10 L-Arginine Benefits

  1. Improves Breathing by Increasing Blood Flow to the Heart
  2. Supports Immune System
  3. Increases Exercise Endurance
  4. Promotes Healthy Kidney Function
  5. Improves Cardiovascular Vitality
  6. Improves Skin
  7. Enhances Sex Drive & Reverses Impotence
  8. Lowers Blood Pressure & Stabilizes Angina
  9. Treats Congestive Heart Failure
  10. Helps Build Muscle & Promote Weight Loss


As we said, you can improve your natural levels by changing your diet. Red meat is delicious, but it just doesn't have the nutrients we need and it's filled with harmful substances. If you're concerned about your cardiovascular health, opt for things like nuts, eggs, salmon, tuna, and tofu. However, if you're looking for a significant change, you can't eat it. You would have to consume a surmountable amount of food to get the level you need (about 6-9 grams per day). If your focus is to improve muscle strength and cardiovascular health, you must consider taking supplements.